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The reason I started this business is that I recently woke up to realize that my work is incongruent with my life.  In trying to conform to a logical way to make a living I have separated my artistic needs and financial ones.  My metaphysical roots and emotional and intuitive needs became secondary to fitting into society with a real job.  Often I tried to blend those interests — by becoming a Casting director I supported my artistic side while supporting the underappreciated actors in the world. Using my altruistic emotional side I enjoyed finding people work.  Feeling that I must find something acceptable to do that is easily recognized, I became more and more negative, trying to keep my selves separate and maintain mental control.  

As I've taken steps forward to start my own company, I've also taken a philosophical leap into the void - a step out of controlling forces and a move toward flowing with them. I realize I can't honor anyone else's choices without making strong commitments to my own.  I can't help other people find their dreams without doing it first myself.  In the past two years I have taken steps towards fulfilling my dreams. I have brought music back in to my life by returning to singing opera.  I have added dance and changed my social interactions so that they welcome and nurture people who are on similar paths.  My next step is to bring all of my self to this company. To integrate my dreams, to continue the growth process and make my life congruent again. 

My mission is to treat my customers with integrity and honor. I expect the best from my suppliers, to seek out the highest qualities of materials, organic whenever possible, keep to the parameters of bio-diversity. Keep knowledge in the forefront, continue the Aromatherapy education of everyone involved in this company. Keep an open forum on other alternative health care modalities. Create a way to support charities for the arts with my composer blends. I will maintain responsibility, I will treat my staff with the same respect that I expect, and I promise I won't use voice mail as weapon.

Marla Shertz Wilson