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Marla's Bio
Marla Shertz Wilson is a Certified Aromatherapy Teacher and Aromatherapist, Nutritional counselor and Certified Bioresonance and Biofeedback Therapist. and Parapsycholgist. She has been custom blending perfumes and therapeutic blends to the raves of friends and clients in the entertainment industry for 20 years. She consults and teaches for individuals, health spas, stores, hotels, corporations, and hospitals as well as production studios.

In 1998 Nordstrom retained her to do the custom blend for their Wellness Events in Los Angeles. In 1999 she was hired to do a natural mosquito blend for the cast and crew of a Cohen brothers project shooting during the summer in Mississippi - the production company was happily bug-free during the filming of the movie. In 2003 she was asked to do an healing gum blend for a busy dentist in Santa Monica.

Her clients include well-known celebrities in the film and music industry. She has taught for massage schools and hospitals such as the Body Therapy Institute and Kaiser Permanente. She acts as a consultant for Perfume and Cosmetics companies. She continues her education as a student of the Heilkunst system, which integrates the teachings of Samuel Hahnemann, Willhelm Reich and Rudolf Steiner into a dynamic and complete method of health care. She sees clients in her practice both in Santa Barbara and long distance integrating bioevaluative technology into her aromatherapy & nutritional practice. She works with two alternative health care M.D.s in California in order to asses all potential imbalances. She teaches Bioresoance and sexology classes. She is the Daughter of the well known artist Max Shertz.