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This year at last I am delighted to bring you Marla's Apothecary Tea! Those of you who know me know that I love tea. After a very long search through many teas, I have finally found the right combination of natural flavors and superb teas that will allow me to to blend my own signature blends. I have started with one blend for the winter season. I have chosen a traditional black China tea, and, in addition using a superior CO-2 process, a decaffeinated Ceylon from Sri Lanka. This decaffeinated process is natural and gentle, allowing tea leaves to retain their delicate shape and flavor. For the winter season a time that can be frazzling, or dizzying, I wanted to create a tea blend that would bring a sense of calm and warmth, something that would slow time a bit when you sit down with a cup, a tea that could be taken with or without milk and sugar, yet still retain it's character. I used natural flavorings because the artificial synthetics just don't bring the same qualities that I wanted to share. For this first tea blend. I used natural strawberry, not the fruity synthetic sharp kind. Imagine rather the natural luscious, delicious, sensuous, candy liquor of a perfectly ripe, late summer strawberry... To this I add sweet vanilla bean, embracing, with its soft steady resinous warmth. Remember how comforting it smells wrapping you in its soothing arm. Finally I lace the tea slightly with small buttery caramel cream pieces to ground the tea and bring in an earthy tone. Also make sure to check my related links page for other great tea companies and accoutrements.

New Peach Cream Tea a Peach and Vanilla over South African Roibois no caffine but plenty of vitamin C. Kids love this too.

Wonderful Places for tea coming soon-